Name: Modvigil
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QTY Price $/pill
10 30$ 3$
50 45$ 0.9$
100 80$ 0.8$
150 110$ 0.73$
300 150$ 0.5$
Modafinil comes from various different brandings now that it's been public for the past decade. This is where we see generic brands such as Modvigil come in play. The main question we often see asked is whether these generics are just as good as the original producer. It's the same patented formula, but the production process is certainly different, so it does influence the final product. The difference is minimal, but bigger companies offer quality-assurance that only big pharma can offer. So it is easy to buy Modvigil online and get the highest quality brand.  

Modvigil comes from a company called Signature Pharmaceuticals, a part of pharma giant - Hab Pharmaceutials, which is a reputable producer of medicines from India. They produce their own branded products, as well as generic versions of readily available substances. While certainly not as big as SUN pharma or Cephalon, Signature holds its ground steadily and continues to produce high-quality products.

Modvigil is actually held as a favorite by many different people, with some claiming that Modvigil is more effective and potent when compared to Provigil. If you wish to buy modvigl with Bitcoins, we would offer best market price for this brand. The best way to know what you prefer is if you try both of the products and see which one works better for you.
Modvigil's pack is a little bit different in that it comes in flexible plastic and aluminum mix blister packs, which are sealed. This ensures a long shelf life and protection from environmental hazards. Every pack contains 10 pills, but since Signatuew paid attention to detail and made perforated lines that are easily split apart to carry around.